Rider Horse FF Horse Go 2 Time  
1 Leslie Willis Incendiary Ivory   14.432 $1,368.00
2 Regan Henning Story Tellen Daisy   14.488 $1,140.00
3 Jim Warner Pirate Ben   14.565 $969.00
4 Brandon Cullins MK Twist Of Elvis   14.647 $798.00
5 Jamie Hodges Sixes Perks FF 14.734 $627.00
6 Talmadge Green Lonesome   14.776 $456.00
7 Jesse Hopper Egos Boll A Talker   14.803 $342.00
  Adam Roper Do It To Em Easy   14.82  
  Talmadge Green Famous N Lucky   14.828  
  Lee Ed Hurst Sweet Fames Maggie   14.851  
  Marne Loosenort VF Takin The Fame   14.887  
  Adam Roper Vals Gamblin Lady   14.91  
1 Lance Graves Return Ta Neverland FF 14.943 $712.00
2 Brandon Cullins Crown Royal Panama   15.011 $427.00
3 Todd Holder Famously French FF 15.03 $285.00
  Craig Brooks Leaving Hot Memories   15.042  
  Megan Swint VF A Speedy Dasher   15.062  
  Donnie Reece Beau O'Toole   15.076  
  Kenny Hodges Little Eddie Stinson   15.116  
  Leslie Willis Washita Carver   15.119  
  Marne Loosenort Dash Ta Traffic   15.21  
  Jimmy Bryant Dr Money FF 15.254  
  Nicole Monroe Hottest Chickin Town   15.257  
  Julie Shaw CA Cat O Mine   15.258  
  Ducky Keller Sheza 1st Prize   15.29  
  Hannah Wilkins Jet Oh Lena   15.319  
  Dee Joyce Im A Dial Charm   15.355  
  Marne Loosenort PT Lil French Rocket FF 15.404  
  Lance Graves VF Pack N Up The Creek   15.516  
  Brady Wiggins Feature A Frenchman   15.585  
  Heath Holland You Wish First   15.617  
  Toni Robinson Bad As Firewater   15.668  
  Marne Loosenort Streakin Lily   15.677  
  Jamie Hodges Buggin For Wonder   15.725  
  Craig Brooks RU Ready To Design   15.796  
  Ducky Keller Big Bob's Honor   15.929  
  Holly Longest HTZ Splash A Crown Royal   15.93  
  Leslie Willis Snip De Corona   16.09  
  Mike Green This Dames A Fame   16.174  
  Jesse Hopper Panamas Full Moon   19.612  
  Megan Swint Jeweled Ecstacy   19.688  
  Lance Graves Rose Rare FF 19.787  
  Craig Brooks RW Streakin Allie FF 19.85  
  Jim Warner Frenchies Single Guy FF 19.896  
  Talmadge Green Get Um Misty   20.077  
  Marne Loosenort Famous Princess   20.322  
  Megan Swint Streakin Red Fling   20.334  
  Johnny Woodard Panama Kid Rock   20.512  
  Ducky Keller Heza Firen   20.639  
  Brady Wiggins Dash To Chocolate   20.827  
  Lindsey Banks Rollin Corona   20.894  
  James Archer Famous Martini FF 21.444  
  Brett Monroe Credit Ta Fame   22.169  
  Donnie Reece Famous Leinster FF 23.478  
  Brett Monroe LLP Hutts NXS FF 23.619  
  Jamie Hodges Flitten To Fame FF 25.724  
  Dan Wise JK Papa Bear   NT  
  Christian Clack Frenchman Gold Coin   NT  
  Hannah Wilkins Dash Bye The Bar   NT  
  Kathy Outlaw Shilabar Spirit   scratch